What’s Wrong With The Gospel? By Keith Green – 17 – Other Man-Made Methods 17 of 21

Keith Green

Keith Green

Quick and Easy “1-2-3 Steps-To-Salvation” Booklets. I certainly cannot fault the intentions nor the integrity of the men and  organizations responsible for these little tools. One of the best known of these booklets has been printed in over 30 languages, and has  over 100 million copies in circulation. With that in view, it is even more urgent for me to say that unless these or any other “gospel”  booklets contain the same message that our Lord preached (and commanded His disciples to spread “to every kindred and nation”), then  they are worse than “inadequate tools,” they are wicked!

For the Bible says in Proverbs, “Like vinegar to the teeth and smoke to the eyes, so is the unfaithful messenger to him who sends him.”  (Pro 10:26) Paul said that if we are really Christians, then we are “ambassadors of Christ” (2Co 5:20) – we are God’s sole  representatives in this foreign land called “the world.”

With that analogy in mind, consider what a president would think of an ambassador to a foreign country, say Russia, who is told to deliver  an extremely urgent message that will involve the peace of the whole world. And that ambassador (even with the best intentions) gives  only a small part of the message, in such a way as to make a very different impression – in fact, the exact opposite impression – than what  the president wanted to make. What do you think that president will do to the ambassador when he finds out the damage done?

Booklets like these usually mention a “sort-of” repentance like, “you must turn from your sins, to Jesus.” But they rarely explain what  “turning” really means. This is also true of such other vital terms such as “Lord” – they usually refer to Jesus as “Lord,” but again, they  seldom define “lordship” – and people go their merry way, believing they have the full right to continue running their own lives as long as  they call Jesus “Lord.” (See Mat 7:21; Luk 6:46)

I don’t care how many letters I get saying how much good has been done by such and such a ministry, or how many have been “saved”  through such and such a booklet. Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits ” (Matt 716) and in another place He said that “Your  fruit should remain” (Joh 15:16), which means it should last! I believe we shall see in that great day, when God spreads out the lives of  men in judgment, how many were truly converted by the efforts of these ministries, and how many were turned aside from the path of  righteousness – being led to believe the pleasant half-truths contained in these shallow and false epistles that have been printed to the  ends of the earth by people with “the best intentions, and the highest integrity.” (Mat 23:15)


(Tomorrow I’ll post the 18th section)


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I was found by Jesus April 9, 1975. I married the love of my life Helen, August 19, 1978. We have one daughter, Elizabeth, whose husband and two children live nearby. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January 1997. In January 2004, Jesus Christ healed me and I have been symptom free ever since.

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