What’s Wrong With The Gospel? By Keith Green – The Terrors of Hell 4 of 15

Keith Green

Keith Green

We often hear people say, “I’m tired of hell-fire and brimstone preaching!”  “Well,” I often reply, “when was the last time you heard any?” It is true, very few people preach on hell anymore – it is no longer in  vogue. We shouldn’t scare the poor sinners, no, that wouldn’t do. They’re just unfortunate, misguided souls, right? Wrong! The Bible  clearly shows that they are rebels who have robbed and dishonored the living God, infinitely offending Him.(Joh 8:44; Act 13:9-11; 1  Cor 6:9; Gal 4:16: Eph 2:1-3; Jam 4:4; 2Pe 2:12-19) They have no right to look at themselves in any other light.

But we, smart as we are, have decided to help God along. He doesn’t understand our generation as well as we do. The things Jesus  emphasized in His preaching were all right for the Jews, but our generation needs a more gentle, loving tone. “Tell ’em about heaven!” We  talk about heaven, about the “rewards of being born-again,” but we completely neglect the other side of the “two-edged sword.” (Heb  4:12) What right do we have to remove things from the Gospel that Jesus Himself gave great place to in His own preaching?(Mat 5:22;  Mat 8:12; Mat 10:28; Mat 13:41-42; Mat 13:49-50; Mat 22:11-14; Mat 23:13; Mat 23:33; Mat 24:48-51; Mat 25:30
; Mat 25:46; Luk 13:26-28)


(Tomorrow I’ll post the 5th section)

About Dave Harman
I was found by Jesus April 9, 1975. I married the love of my life Helen, August 19, 1978. We have one daughter, Elizabeth, whose husband and two children live nearby. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January 1997. In January 2004, Jesus Christ healed me and I have been symptom free ever since.

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